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Four must-have contactless tools for attractions and casinos

What exactly do these contactless tools look like? In this blog, we’ll take a look at four of the key contactless tools that are helping attractions provide the best possible experience for guests – and how Omnico can help you implement them.
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Driving customer loyalty and repeat visits with personalization

With visitor numbers likely to be lower in 2021, it’s vital that you start investing now in driving loyalty to keep those customers who do visit coming back for more. So how do you enable personalization? The simple answer is with technology!

Rising demand for contactless experiences at attractions

To better understand what contactless technology visitors expect, and what this means for attractions and casinos, we surveyed 4,000 attraction visitors to find out.

Using technology to ensure visitor safety post-pandemic

To better understand the safety measures consumers care about — and how you can meet their post-pandemic expectations — we surveyed 4,000 attraction visitors.

Ensuring your systems are fully optimized for the year ahead

We’re offering a suite of one-off or regular Managed Service Packages to help you reboot your systems, so you can ensure they’re fully optimized and working at max capacity when guests return.

5 trends to drive footfall and loyalty in 2021

We found that a staggering 8 in 10 consumers are hesitant about visiting casinos, theme parks and other attractions in 2021.

3 ways attractions can drive loyalty post-pandemic

We outline three ways technology can help you drive visitor loyalty post pandemic.

Enhance guest engagement and spending at attractions

Customer confidence is at rock bottom thanks to the pandemic. In fact, Omnico’s survey of over 4,000 US and UK consumers shows that 8 out of 10 of your customers are feeling reluctant to visit attractions this year.

Increase guest engagement with a fully integrated ticketing system

Our Integrated Ticketing Solution has been designed to help attractions manage bookings, stagger visits, and optimize the booking process so employees can manage capacity, whilst providing a seamless booking experience for customers.

How technology will help attractions regain lost revenue post-COVID

Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to get them spending, and, by implementing the right technology, you can please today’s tech-savvy customers, whilst encouraging them to spend more.

Robots rocket Theme park visitor spending on food and drink by 160%

Global research shows 62% of Theme park visitors ready to spend up to four times more than normal if a robot brings food and drink to their exact location.

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