Casino’s re-open mask-free and see surge in visitors

Our top tips to regain revenue and boost loyalty from those visitors

These months since re-opening after the Pandemic are crucial for Casinos; they not only need to recoup lost revenue, but they need to re-build guest loyalty, encouraging those visitors to return again.

From a national perspective, gaming revenues in March of this year saw the highest grossing month of all time with $11.1 billion in revenue, up 17.7 percent on last year (American Gaming Association) and far above the previous months.  

And visitor numbers have also increased. Most casinos can again host 100% capacity, and while advice is for those who have not been vaccinated to continue wearing a mask, most don’t need to. In Vegas alone, they had 2.6 million visitors in April, a 15.4% jump in volume from March and more than twice the 1.25 million in December.

With all these visitors returning to casinos, what do you need to do to ensure further spend and increased loyalty?

Ordering away from the crowds

  • Even with increased capacity and no masks, visitors still need to adhere to social distancing. By offering visitors the ability to pre-order refreshments from the gaming table or slot machines, they’re able to reduce the need to wait in line, paying through an app and choosing a specific time to collect their food & beverage. This reassures those visitors and improves their confidence to order refreshments, rather than fear a non-socially distancing line.

Research from eMarketer shows that more than 45 million Americans used online food ordering apps in the last year alone – a 25% increase from 2019.

Increase basket size

  • Create a combo, go-large, bulk discounts, or add-on, there are a number of ways to encourage a guest to increase their basket size. This is made easier and simpler via Mobile ordering or self-service Kiosk, where the guest can be presented with a streamlined user journey and a simple button to push.

People like to be upsold to, they like the advice of which dishes go well together to create a far richer and rewarding experience.

Omnico has seen one particular customer, receive an increase in average basket value of 20% through upsell capabilities.

Allow for personalization

  • Nothing makes a guest want to spend more and feel a positive sentiment toward a brand than a truly personalized experience. Casino operators can take their guest experience to the next level by integrating guest data, providing a single holistic view of the individual guest.

Ordering food and being provided recommendations based on previous orders, or adding an event ticket to your room booking because of your known music interests, will prove the value that brand places on that guest.

According to research from Lumina, 60% of consumers are willing to receive personalized food offers based on their previous experiences.

To find out more about these capabilities and more for casinos, get in touch today with Shawn Harris, our Omnico Casino Expert, we’d love to hear from you.

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