Charities & Non-Profits

Build loyalty with every visitor interaction

Have personalized interactions with customers at every stage of their engagement to drive revenue and convert more visitors into members.

  • Unite your ticketing, point of sale, guest promotion and loyalty systems across your events and fundraising activities.
  • Reduce queues and manage capacity with self-serve and RFID technology.
  • Leverage the data you’re collecting to give the right incentive to the right visitor when they’ll likely want it the most.

Get a single view of your guests’ journeys and enhance their experience

Get a real-time view of ticketing to manage capacity

Whether booking on-site, on mobile, on your website or through a third-party travel agent, Omnico’s Charity and Non-Profit POS and Ticketing solution provides a single view of ticket sales, so you can manage capacity effectively.

Reduce queues and keep your venue compliant with Covid regulations

Use Omnico’s engagement platform to deliver time-based entitlements or promotions, track guest interactions, manage your floor plans in real-time and ensure you’re always operating safely and within capacity.

Encourage member sign up and increase sales with VIP experiences

Give members exclusive experiences that follow them as they move through your venue. Integrate their membership to automatically give discounts at store or F&B outlets and drive donations by learning more about them, so you can provide the right incentives.
Get members spending more with contactless technology
With COVID-19 accelerating demand for contactless payments and technology, Omnico’s Charity POS system integrates your front desks, turnstiles, lockers or drinks and vending machines with contact-free or RFID technology primed for wearables and mobile devices. Take away the need to get a wallet or purse out and streamline donations.
Offer multi-pay options to reduce bottlenecks
Whether guests pay at the table, self-serve at kiosks or order ahead on an app, our Charity POS and Billing solution integrates with over 15 payment gateways for card and digital, including FreedomPay, Elavon, ACI, Worldpay and Adyen.
Make smart business decisions with real-time access to data
Use real-time insights and analytics to make data-led business decisions about inventory management, when to launch campaigns and the types of incentives that will help you drive donations and new memberships.

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Whether you’re operating a charity or non-profit customer attraction, we provide out-of-the-box solutions that help you enhance the customer’s experience, build confidence and get them spending more.

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