Deliver consistent guest experiences with every customer interaction

Combine your POS software solution with personalized guest promotions to drive loyalty and increase spending

  • Create a seamless experiences for guests by connecting touch points at your attraction
  • Use data to drive loyalty by delivering the right incentives to the right guests
  • Manage capacity with self-serve, kiosk, RFID and ticketing technology

We support all types of attractions

Whether you’re in the business of theme parks, water parks, zoos, aquariums or non-profit attractions, our products have been specifically designed to help you drive guest engagement:

Theme and Amusement Parks

  • Reward visitor loyalty and increase spend with a connected VIP membership
  • Offer multi-pay options to reduce queues at rides and F&B stands
  • Send personalized offers to your visitors at every touchpoint in your park

Water Parks

  • Drive revenue by connecting contactless payment to your guests’ waterproof wristbands
  • Encourage repeat visits by enabling VIP access to cabanas and lockers
  • Learn the behavior of guests and make smart business decisions with real-time access to data


  • Encourage member retention using VIP experiences powered by self-serve and RFID technology
  • Enable guests to use contactless payment to upgrade tickets or buy souvenirs
  • Stay Covid-compliant and manage capacity with a real-time view of ticketing


  • Build loyalty and convert customers into donors with exclusive VIP experiences connected to their tickets
  • Learn guest behavior by interacting with them at every stage of their visit
  • Offer multi-pay options to speed up payment and reduce queues

Charities & Non-profits

  • Encourage membership sign-up and increase sales with VIP-connected experiences
  • Leverage the data you’re collecting to give the right incentive to the right customer
  • Offer multi-pay options to reduce bottlenecks and eradicate queues

Our attraction customers

Our products for attractions

Our integrated engagement and POS technology helps you better understand your customers, so you can create personalized programs that improve the customer experience and drive loyalty.

Whether you’re a small attraction offering F&B or a large attraction group with multiple sites, we provide out-of-the-box solutions that help you maximize revenue.

Attraction resources

A tough balancing act for visitor attractions – driving revenue vs. managing capacity

Nobody wants to read about scenes of ‘chaos’ at their attraction from queues of visitors and in-efficiencies in managing capacity.

Discover Omnico’s brand new room-service app

Our purchase channel package for casinos and attractions now creates a unified transaction journey — right down to hotel rooms.

Helping attractions optimize guest experience

Download the guide to understand how our Omnico Commerce platform enables you to offer guests a single entertainment experience, uniting transactions, data, security, and business logic with standardized APIs across your retail, F&B, entertainment, hospitality, ticketing, and entitlements touchpoints.

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