4 Ways to drive casino loyalty post-Covid

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With the vaccine rolling out there’s optimism 2021 will be a bounce-back year for casinos despite COVID-19 resulting in a vast loss for the industry.

But, when it comes to getting guests back through the doors, our research shows 8 in 10 people are
still hesitant to visit casinos due to safety concerns. When asked what casinos could do to alleviate these concerns, 56% said technology to address COVID-19 safety would make them more likely to visit a casino in 2021.

For casino operators, technology presents a huge opportunity to rebuild guest confidence, regain lost revenue, and drive customer loyalty

Here are 4 ways technology can offer new hope to the casino industry in 2021:

  • Alleviate customer concerns with contactless experiences. A year of constant hand-washing and anti-bacterial gel has rubbed off on customers, with 56% saying they want contactless entry at casinos.
  • Use data to personalize incentives. Each visit to your casino unlocks vast amounts of customer data – starting from what games customers enjoy, to what food and drink they prefer. This data is a personalization goldmine. 
  • Increase upsell opportunities by connecting your POS systems  . Every customer interaction at your casino is an opportunity to upsell. Once you know what incentives your guests want to receive, you need to deliver them these personalized promotions at every stage of the customer journey to increase average transaction value. 
  • Use technology to rethink your loyalty program. Gone are the days when reward schemes were based solely on visitor spend. With virus restrictions forcing closures and limiting spending opportunities, you need to adjust how you identify loyal customers, and that means granting rewards based on more than just spending. 

We’d love to talk to you about helping casinos provide the best guest experience in 2021. Contact Shawn Harris our Director of Casino Sales and he’ll get right back in touch.

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