4 ways attractions can make the most of the off-peak season

Don't just sit back and wait for the crowds. Here's how to get ready for a successful summer.

Winter is coming to an end and summer is in sight. But just because foot traffic is lower than peak season, it doesn’t mean your productivity has to drop too.

If anything, this is a great opportunity to get busy and upgrade your tech. After all, 61% of attraction guests believe technology needs to be more integrated in venues. What better time than now to meet their demand?

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve put together a handy checklist of what you need to do now to prepare for peak season this summer.

Reflect on what worked (or didn’t) last summer and take action to drive customer spending

Granted, summer 2021 was a difficult time for attractions due to social restrictions and capacity limitations. But there are still lessons you can take away from 2021.

The shift to innovative tech – from contactless entry and payments, RFID wearables, and mobile apps –  helped guests feel more comfortable during their visit while reducing friction, crowds and lines. What’s more, it helped attractions gain a wealth of data about how their guests interact, spend, and navigate with your attraction.

Now is the time to analyze this data and take action to further improve the experience this summer. Questions to ask while combing through data should include: 

  • Were guests abandoning purchases if lines were too long?
  • Were they redeeming one type of incentive more than others?
  • How can you entice guests to visit during less busy times during the day?

Use this downtime to assess the data, identify trends, and adapt your approach this off-peak season to boost spend.

Make guests a (personalized) offer they can’t refuse 

Our research shows 1 in 3 guests are willing to pay more if they receive personalized promotions.

If your data is patchy, creating a personalized experience will be difficult. To get it right, you need to connect your customer-facing touch points with a single engagement platform. Doing so captures invaluable insight into your guests’ patterns and behavior as they go on rides, visit exhibits, buy F&B, and purchase souvenirs, allowing you to send them personalized promotions at key moments in the buying journey.

Whether promotions and discounts, 2-for-1 deals or family half-rates, the best way to win visitors’ loyalty, up their spending and boost satisfaction is by offering promotions tailored specifically to their needs and wants.

Ease staffing shortages with automation

Four million workers resigned from their jobs nationwide in June 2021 alone. After the Great Resignation, hiring and retaining staff at attractions (and across many industries) is becoming more and more difficult.

Automation is offering a life-line for attractions, helping balance guests’ need for technology – and a lack of skilled workers – with automated ticket purchases, self-service checkouts, and contactless pay. The benefits are countless: you see lower staffing costs as your employees can focus on more rewarding tasks that add to the customer experience and increase guest satisfaction. And guests can enjoy faster processes and frictionless transactions while getting the human touch when – and where – it matters most, leading to higher spend and repeat visits.
If you haven’t started thinking about how automation can help you overcome the staffing shortage challenge, this off-peak season is a good time to start.

Build trust by updating your safety measures

Even with social distancing restrictions easing, 74% of guests are still wary of visiting due to health and safety concerns. So, it’s your job to their minds at ease. How? Simple: take advantage of these quieter times to update and promote you safety measures.

Putting safety protocols at the forefront of your communications is a good way to achieve this as it gives visitors reassurance you have the basics covered. Showcase your mobile apps, contactless tech, and self-service kiosks on social media and how they’re creating a frictionless, safe guest experience at every moment.

By going that extra mile to show off your safety efforts, you’re building trust with your guests, encouraging them to pre-book for peak season.

Ready to upgrade your tech for this summer?
Off-peak doesn’t mean stagnation, it’s a fantastic time to review key learnings from the previous peak season, what worked, what didn’t, and how best to upgrade your technology, systems and approach to meet and exceed visitor expectations.

Find out how Omnico can help you get ready for the summer in our guide.

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