Omnico Commerce: 4 things casino guests want in 2022

It will take a lot more than hand gel and social distancing to get visitors back in through gates.

Omnico Commerce: 4 things casino guests want in 2022

With the gaming industry losing $105 billion in the first two months of the national US lockdown, there’s some catching up to do to regain lost revenue.

To find out how operators can recoup lost revenue and get visitors back through doors, we asked 562 UK and US visitors how casinos can meet and exceed their post COVID expectations.

We’ve found that: 

  • Nearly 1 in 4 prefer the post-pandemic gaming experience
  • 71% believe technology must be integrated into the overall casino experience
  • 94% of guests believe casino operators need to do more to win them over

Getting back in the game has never been more critical for casinos, so we’ve partnered with industry experts to get their top tips. In this report, Mike Day, Founder & Executive Officer of TribalHub, and Daniel Ives, Vice President, Strategic Development at Gaming Hospitality Solutions share the four key demands casino visitors expect to see in the coming year and how you can play your cards right to get back on the path to success.

  • Chapter 1: Find out the safety measures customers want to see at your casino and how you can implement them.
  • Chapter 2: Discover the technologies guests want to see most in your casino and how a human touch can open up new possibilities for revenue growth.
  • Chapter 3: Learn how creating a 360-degree view of guest engagement can create a new level of personalization that will leave guests clamoring for more.
  • Chapter 4: Find out how to deliver the best possible guest experience and the tools you need to make it happen.

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