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3 ways attractions can drive loyalty post-pandemic

We outline three ways technology can help you drive visitor loyalty post pandemic.

As the vaccine rolls out and life looks set to reach a new normal in 2021, attractions need to start thinking about how to maximize profit opportunities with reduced footfall.

For many attractions, this means adopting a more strategic approach to driving loyalty by using data to better understand visitor behaviour, drive guest engagement and spending, and encourage more repeat visits.

If you’re unsure where to start, in this blog, we outline three ways technology can help you drive visitor loyalty post pandemic.

1. Give visitors a risk-free and seamless experience

Attractions are now tasked with delivering what visitors have always wanted – frictionless experiences – as well as what they now demand because of the pandemic: cleanliness and safety. Creating risk-free and seamless experiences that drive loyalty and keep guests coming back for more is no easy feat, but it’s possible with the right technology:

  •  Contactless payments: According to our Theme Park Barometer, 82% of visitors expect to buy with cashless devices at attractions, and the need to prevent the spread of infection makes enabling touch-less purchases even more important post pandemic.
  •  RFID technology: With COVID-19 accelerating demand for contactless tech, integrating your gates, turnstiles, lockers and/or drinks and vending machines with contact-free or RFID technology enables visitors to use wearable technology or their mobile device to access all your services
  • Virtual queuing: Queuing has never been fun, but in the wake of the pandemic, it also makes guests feel unsafe. Allowing visitors to queue virtually while enjoying a meal or relaxing in a dedicated VIP area means your guests can avoid crowds and long, frustrating waits.

2. Grant rewards based on more than just spending 

Gone are the days when reward schemes were solely based on visitor spend. With virus restrictions forcing closures and limiting spending, attractions need to adjust how they identify loyal customers, and that means granting rewards based on more than just spending.

To drive loyalty post-COVID, why not reward your customers for repeat visits to your attraction, sharing reviews, completing satisfaction surveys, or mentioning your attraction on social media? After all, with the pandemic fundamentally changing the concept of loyalty, your reward scheme should change to match.

3. Use data to personalize loyalty schemes 

In a world where customer confidence isn’t what it used to be, getting visitors to come to your venue again and again will require truly personalized engagement strategies. Offers and promotions sent out en masse just aren’t going to cut it in 2021.

Each visit to your attraction unlocks huge amounts of customer data  starting from what pages your visitor dwells on when they browse your site, to what attractions, eateries, and souvenirs they enjoy at your attraction, all the way through to how they interact with you after their visit.

This data is a personalization goldmine. It empowers you to engage each guest with rewards based on their preferences  a discount at their favourite restaurant, fast-tracked queuing for an experience they loved, or a free guest pass for a friend who always joins them. These simple but powerful touches allow your rewards to stand out and truly capture your customers’ attention.

Drive post pandemic loyalty with Omnico 

You can’t have a 360-degree view of customer preferences and make strategic loyalty decisions without modern ticketing systems, food ordering tools, and fully-integrated POS systems.

That’s why implementing a solution like Omnico Commerce helps bring together all visitor information, helping you make data based decisions about how to improve loyalty and guest engagement.

To find out more about how our technology can help you drive loyalty post-COVID access our Post COVID visitor attraction tips.

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