3 reasons why legacy store technology has a right to remain post-covid it just needs a trusted partner to leverage it

Three things to consider that debunk the false rumors about legacy POS

Many in the POS world consider legacy systems as “outdated” and a stumbling block in the retailers’ growth strategy. We won’t say who…

But we at Omnico believe legacy POS, like a fine wine that is still balanced with age, when partnered with the right accompaniment, like new digital technology, it can continue to provide a brand with a platform to drive revenue and customer loyalty.

Those we shall not name have used Covid as a gong to chime the demise of legacy store technology. However, with the right software to extend it’s life, and then the ability to plug digital technology, such as Mobile Order Ahead, those legacy systems can withstand time. With brands looking at ways to reduce costs post-Covid, now isn’t the time to throw your legacy technology in the trash.

Below are three things to consider that debunk the false rumors about legacy POS.

1. Convenience and experience for new and old
Much is discussed about the changing requirements of the bricks and mortar store. Compared to the flexibility and ease of purchase of online, stores have had to evolve over the years. Many have embraced more of an experience in store, offering quick-service restaurants and cafes, as well as ways to enhance the convenience-factor through Order Ahead mobile technology and Kiosks. Retail brands and food and beverage operators with legacy systems such as IBM/Toshiba 4690 can enhance their systems to be part of this convenience and experience revolution. Far from requiring major replacement or renewal of IT infrastructure, highly flexible solutions simply “plug in”. They enable operators to deploy digital technology like kiosks and dedicated apps with functionality irresistible to consumers.

So, while stores are having to re-imagine themselves and become differentiators to the online world, a legacy system shouldn’t be what holds you back.

2. Legacy can be flexible; you just need to know how to bend it
We all know that in these digital times technology must be flexible, it needs to do so much more than ring up a total amount and calculate the shoppers change. It needs to connect to other systems that can provide real-time updates on stock availability, delivery options, loyalty points accrued and can be spent, discounts and other information. Without the fluid and seamless connection of every system, the consumer won’t receive a friction-free experience.

It’s unfortunate that many feel legacy POS systems are clunky and slow to customize. Because that’s just not the case. Friction-free checkout procedures are available to retailers through enhancements to systems like Toshiba 4690. The key is to standardize the data across all the various systems. We do this via our Agile Data tool, which gives a uniform data-flow between systems, allowing the real-time delivery of transactional data across different touch-points together with customer, stock and order data. This also includes an API configuration to process other touch-point transaction and receiving data.

3. Transaction capability and enhancement
As we’ve mentioned in this blog, new technology has given way to new ways of purchase across a myriad of channels; from tablets and handheld terminals, to kiosks and customers own apps with scan and pay. Consumers now expect to checkout anywhere.

And while those with legacy systems may feel this is a dream too far out of reach, they need not worry. Extension of legacy POS capabilities gives a retailer access to revenue-generating technology such as Kiosks and scan and pay apps. Kiosks save customers time but also give them more choice by displaying a retailer’s entire stock range. Omnico helped one customer by developing a line-busting solution that included the ability to accept credit cards, and the provision of e-receipts. This has allowed the customer to decrease the transaction times and increase customer satisfaction.

How Omnico can help.
Omnico has been working with leading retailers and grocers for years, extending the life of their existing legacy systems and ensuring a digital-first strategy with the easy integration of new apps and Kiosks. 

To understand more about the solutions available, get in touch today.

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