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From contactless POS to Order Ahead solutions, we’re helping businesses all over the world – from theme parks and casinos, to retailers and caterers – find new ways to engage customers.

Market-leading transaction and customer engagement technology

Our technology offers a single view of the customer journey, so you can intervene at the right moment with targeted incentives that increase spend, drive footfall and improve loyalty. Whether creating a personalized rewards program, cutting down lines, or speeding up service delivery, it’s time to engage your guests better and deliver the experience they’re demanding. All you need to do is plug Omnico Commerce into your existing IT infrastructure.

Simplify Ticketing

Simplify ticketing with a fully Integrated Ticketing Solution
  • Create a single centralized ticketing platform
  • Reduce lines and manage capacity
  • Offer customers a more integrated ticketing experience

Increase transaction value

Increase transaction value with a full suite of Basket Products
  • Create a single transaction engine
  • Allow self-service at peak times
  • Integrate transactions with your existing POS systems

Engage customers

Engage customers with personalized offers at every touch point with our Engagement Platform
  • Offer personalized incentives based on historic data
  • Deliver real-time behavior based promotions
  • Deploy incentive schemes that drive loyalty

Manage inventory

Manage inventory across multiple locations using an Integrated Inventory Management Solution
  • View inventory in real-time
  • Create responsive promotional offers
  • Reduce waste by staying on top of stock

Use data to drive loyalty

Use our real-time Insights and Analytics Engine to analyze data and drive loyalty
  • Get real-time visibility into all your business operations
  • Make data-driven decisions on when to launch promotions and incentives
  • Implement metrics and KPIs around behavior that deliver improvements

Trusted by industry leaders

We work with leading brands to improve guest engagement, and drive loyalty and spending

“With the ability to order ahead on mobile and purchase at kiosk stations, rather than line at the till point, we can dramatically increase spend-per-order and slash wait times.”

Chris Fowell Head of Retail Systems, EPoS and Payments, Sodexo

“With the technology offering from Omnico and GHS, we can now provide our guests with a complete transaction and promotion experience across every aspect of our casino.”

Kerry Smith General Manager, Mono Wind Casinos

“We use historical purchase data to understand what we need to provide to our customers that is both personal to them and localized to their store.”

Kraen Nielson Ostergard Chief Technology Officer, Coop Denmark

“Omnico meets all our requirements for a more attractive set of promotions that generate greater revenue and give guests a more rewarding experience.”

Lisa Miles CEO, Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotels

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